Awesome dude! The guitars are perfect and the vocals are pretty good as well... You should try recording the other guitars the song has.
Dude that was amazing. I don't even really Like that song but I listened to all of this.
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Just a suggestion for the intro: I'd recommend adding in the other guitars (The lead with wah and the rhythm to build the intro up), just gets slight repetitive without it. The guitars are good, I don't see any flaws in the playing, not a huge fan on the tone, but thats really not a big deal.. the thing that caught my attention were the vocals. You did a really good job singing on this and I enjoyed it. Before the prayer starts it sounds slightly messy, I think you were playing the tail of the solo with a rhythm under it, maybe just play one of them? The playing was on throughout the song but the thing that made this a really good cover were the vocals, very nice job.

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