Sorry to bother you guys for another new amp thread but I really need your help

So I won't do like some other threads I've seen where the guys doesn't give any details..

I'd like something that has a little versatility cuz I play mainly :
-Gun's and Roses
-Foo Fighters
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Led Zep
-A little metallica/a7x for the most heavy stuff (no real shredding or anything so maybe not a HUGE gain amp)
-The killers

So you see, I need something that can have some great classic and modern rock sound, without going to much high gain cuz I dont need that

I live in Canada, and I'm willing to buy used
My budget is approximately 1000$

I've been thinking about the Orange rocker 30 but I don't know if I can do some great today's rock songs with it (like foo's, RHCP, etc..) and will I be able do manage gigable volume on the clean channel with a 30 W?

I'd like something voiced a little like marshall, but if the amp sounds great and not like marshall, well, post it and I'll check it out!

P.S. dont tell me to get a jcm800, I want 2 channels.

I also want it to be a combo

I think that's it !
Thanks in advance
UG Rocks!
look into traynor amps

and ps jcm's come in 2 channel models

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Used JCM900
Used Mesa F-30/50
Peavey Classic 30 with an OD
Orange Rocker 30

If you can manage the rocker 30 i'd get it... seems perfect for what your doing. And BTW it definately has enough headroom IMHO.
Look for old JCM800 combos. The 2205 and 2210 models go for pretty good prices (consensus is that they don't sound quite as good as good as the early single channel 2203 or 2204, thus prices are slightly lower).
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Rivera with an overdrive like the TS-808 will be great for you. (The overdrive is for high-gain stuff). Check the Pubster.
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Ok, so for now,
I've looked at the traynor ycv40 and the cleans are GREAT but I'm not so sure about the distortion.. and I mostly play on a gain channel

As for the jcm 800, thanks guys for telling me there were some that had 2 channels but like I said I play mostly on a gain channel, BUT the cleans also matters for me, and well, let's just say that 800's aren't recognized for their cleans...

The mesa F series definately worth a look... There's none used right now and I'm not a mesa fan usually, but from the sound samples I've heard, this one sounds great, I just don't like to spend too much time tweaking my sound usually but, I guess I could live with that.

For the JCM 900, I think it's similar to the 800 in terms of cleans so... no

Peavey Classic 30 + OD... maybe.. not very pleased with that at first, I'll take a deeper look though, but the Classic 30 for me is like, good at everything and great at nothing..

Anyone played a R30 for some more actual stuff? There's nothing on youtube for that... But I've heard a guy doing master of puppets on youtube and man, the tone was okay, so I guess that with an OD this thing could be awesome

And there's almost no reviews on the rivera pubster, anyone played one??

Thanks again guys, and keep it up!
Try the YCV50Blue and the YCS50. I liked the YCV but have not tried the YCS, but it is on my short list of amps to check out. Add those to your list.
Thanks, I'll take a look at those

As for the mesa F series, finally I dislike mesa too much to take it, I just hate the fact to have to tweak my amp to get a great sound...

Again, I'd like to know what about the R30 for stuff like Foo's or the killers, being a little vintage voiced, how does it sound?

Bring other suggestions too guys!

Thanks a lot
Look into Traynor YCV50. Some people say it has better gain than the 40. And btw the Rocker would be perfect for those genres.
I've looked at the YCV 50 and I've read great reviews, but, is there a major tonal difference between the YCV50 and the Rocker 30, because the YCV50 is half the price so, there as to be a reason!
The Rocker 30 is manufactured in the UK and is it's own animal. The Traynor is manufactured in Canada to be essentially a marshall sound at a lower than marshall price. They are both good amps, the orange may be of better quality, cab - speaker - etc. I know the YCV50 has a plywood cab from a "How it's Made" on the Discovery channel. Not sure on the Orange cab. So location, import costs and quality overall may be why the Orange is more expensive. Some could be corporate greed certainly.
Thx Greg,

About other amps, I've heard great things about the engl screamer combo and the bugera 333xl, anyone have tried one of these?

The rocker 30 is still winning in my mind for now
You guys have heard good things about the laney TT50 because I've found one used and it seems great, just wanna know what you guys think about it

Try it out and see.

On the F-30, I found getting a good sound out the gain channel was pretty easy. The clean channel was a little harder to dial in since I have a huge mid boost in my eq that I never turn off, but it didn't take too long. It's a great sounding amp, but it definitely doesn't do the marshall sound, though I won't say it's a totally american sounding amp. It kind of has it's own flavor. If you have the chance to try one I would.

We get pretty ripped for orange on this side of the Atlantic. I think a Traynor is going to give you better bang for the buck than an Orange and still sound good to boot. I've played a ycv50 blue and I thought it was an excellent amp.

I agree with you on the classic 30, and since you have a pretty healthy budget I'd probably look elsewhere. I've never played a jcm900 so I can't comment.
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