Ok to start here, it's a simple question... I don't wanna hear about how much solid state amps aren't as good as tube amps, or any other off-topic yadda-yadda like that. So without further adue:

I'm looking at an Ibanez TBX150H a 150w head that puts out at 4 ohms. The matching cab to it, is good for 4 and 16 ohms selectable.

With that in mind, I want to move it up to a full stack at some point, but I'm stuck, the cabs aren't 8 ohms to work great with the head in a stereo setup (since you half the numbers... two 8's makes it a 4. That's what I've gathered so far.)

I've also heard that a 4 ohm head works ok with an 8 ohm cab, does this mean the cabinet SHOULD have the ability to run in 4 mono and 8 stereo? Would running the two cabs at 8 ohms stereo cause a catastrophic death to my lovely amplifier?
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Any time the speaker cab Ohms are higher than the amp's output Ohms, it provides more resistance for the amp's output signal. Not a bad thing except that when cabinet Ohms are more than the amp's, you reduce the power to the speakers and lower the overall volume.

It's when the cabinet's Ohms are less than the amp's that you run the risk of burning up the amp. You're not likely to run into that problem with the amp's rated at 4 Ohms.

The best conditions are when amp and cabinet Ohms are matching and power to the speakers is at its max.
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Yeah I figured as much, only issue is getting two 8 ohm cabs at the price and matching brand/ect of this head is impossible... based on your response though, running the head at 4 and stereo cabs at 8 WILL produce sound?

(On a side note... won't a full stack always be ~twice as loud as a half stack? Since it has double the output?)
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There are no genres in metal that end with "core."