so i have my macbook plugged into the outlet, the cable is plugged into my computer. My mac is using the power to run, but the battery is not being charged. it says the power source is the adaptor, but the battery isn't charging.....and on my desktop the little battery icon has the plug symbol in, like it's charged to the full...anyone got any tips? and DONT SAY ITS CAUSE I HAVE A MAC!
Get a PC. Make sure that the electrical outlet is working, try plugging something else in it to make sure it's your PC that's messed up. Call technical support and speak to someone in India.
no, i've had it on and it charges the battery all the time.
but i closed it and left it sitting there all afternoon and it didn't charge at all, and my battery is stuck at 14%
dont ask pc advice in the pit Trust me
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I had this problem before. I just took out the charger and put it back in. THen the green/orange light came on.
Just go to an Apple store and ask. The problem might be a faulty battery in which case you might be able to get a new one free (if it's under warranty/Apple Care). You might also want to check out Energy Saver in your System Prefs, just to see if that's the problem.

It sounds like a hardware problem tho. :-/

Did you try taking out the battery/powercord and putting them back in?
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Quote by Saffron_Inferno
dont ask pc advice in the pit Trust me

pit has helped me with computer problems before. you dont have enough faith
oh...and where the adaptor fits into the comupter, when its charging there's usually a bright orange light, and when the battery is full the light turns bright green...and the light is a really really dim green color....if that helps anyone....