I feel like there was so much to that movie that Ill need to see it again to really take everything away from it but basically Im just wondering if you liked the movie and your basic thoughts on its inner meaning. (especially the discussion between peter and paul on the boat at the end)
I really wish that Paul had been killed when he was shot, that remote Peter used to rewind time to make him come back alive was just dumb as hell and ruined what was a good movie up to that point to me.
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I feel like some of the scenes they thought were gonna be real intense or something, ended up just being really long and boring- having the camera sstill with really nothing happenning for a good 20 minutes and such
I thought it was ok. Other movies have tackled similar themes with more success. The acting was good. There were some good scenes here and there. I liked the cinematography.

I liked the actors in it. I keep waiting for Michael Pitt to really break out...I don't know, I think he's talented.

But for some reason I was left with a sort of "meh" feeling. For a movie with it's tone and "shock value" I expected to be left with something more than an apathetic feeling. For some reason it didn't resonate with me and fell flat near the end.