Hey all, i been playing and loving guitar for a few years now and i drift into and out of playing and then not progressing much.

Ive taught myself and have tried to learn off of online lessons but i cant seem to find a clear route to go down for things like scales and songs to try using the scales etc...

I was just wonderring if lessons are worth it, they are pretty expensive in my town, but i do want to get better and get more inspiration but i cant seem to find anything decent online to learn from. I dont really know any other players in person so i cant compare.

Does everyone have lessons in order to become a good player or is it not necessary?

I hope this makes a bit of sense to someone...

...music i like is stuff like metallica, satriani, floyd, and acoustic stuff

cheers if you understand me lol
For scales read the Crusade articles by Josh Urban in the Columns section.

You don't need lessons because all the information you need is out there - however a teacher can help point you in the right direction if you can't make sense of it. I never had lessons an I don't feel I missed out on anything - I'd probably have progressed a little quicker though.
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wow, theyre really good articals, thanks for the heads up...better than any other lessons ive ever found!!!
Any of the Guitar World DVDs are worth the money for lessons, not quite sure about the
sites lessons.
I have chosen guitartricks.com as my teacher, so far I'm really impressed. Easily worth the $15 or so per month subscription to me.

The site provides clear video lessons and exercises for beginners then once you've mastered the basics o f the beginners course the lessons you can chose to learn more by style (rock, blues, country) or artist influence.

I'm in no way affiliated with this site other than being a happy customer of thiers.
I've been through the same as you, but I finally decided to give myself a kick in the arse to start learning through lessons on UG.

I had tried in the past and it wasn't successful, but I decided I'd have to go through it, I had to. Never took any real lessons, so the ones on internet are still a great step, when starting from scratch.

Now after a while, I can see myself progress,even just a bit, and it feels great. I mean, I'm far from having learned a lot. Started with the very basic theory, the basics of scales, and stuff like that. I'm still at the beginning, but I finally feel like I made progress and it's motivating. When I try improvising, it's much easier then it was before. Before I would just be clueless, really. Now, even if I just play 1 scale, I can finally play something that would sound I'd say, half-decent. Yesterday I was messing around with my friend's guitar, and he told me to start an improvisation(he has no clue at all about theory, he's where I was before). I gave it a try and the first thing he said was "No, not something that exists, improvisation!". What I played was to me really basic and pretty dull to me, but still, at least I'm starting to get there.

The big point is, if you can't afford lessons or something, at least put the efforts to read lessons online. Not as in, read them and forget. Read them over and over until you are 100% sure you understood and remembered the whole thing. After trying that and seeing for myself that it's worth it, I can just imagine a teacher being much more beneficial.
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I use http://www.justinguitar.com/ since theyre free and I believe quite useful. I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but I believe I have improved greatly by what he has taught me, but thats just my opinion.
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