Hello again, twice in a day! Oh well.

As the title suggests, I'm extremely confused at this Interval, as I'm not sure when it'd ever come into play. I'm just working in the key of C Major here, to not confuse myself, but alas it's happened again.
The Diminished 7th in C Major would be Bbb (Correct, I'm sure.) But what would that be regularly? An A? An A#? How many semitones from the Root note would it be?

Also, if anybody can help me with my other thread any more it'd be greatly appreciated.
My Harmony Thread
Cheers guys.
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Its an A. Bbb is enharmonic to an A. Thats 9 semitones.

It's used in the constuction of full diminished chords and some very obscure modes (like ultra locrian).