Please let me know what you think of my music! I'd be happy to do some c4c. Thanks! Links are in my signature. I hope you enjoy it!
OH god man this is really good. Reminds me so much of neutral milk hotel. LOve wagon wheel.
Thanks a lot guys. Glad you like it. Do you have anything for me to crit? I'd be happy to do so. Thanks for your feedback!
omg that's good! =D
I LOVE wagon wheel, great vocals. & i agree you do sound like the dude from NMH
Thank you so much! Thanks for the feedback on the vocals too because I am not really fond of my own singing to be honest... I don't know... Maybe I'm just really hard/critical about my own music...

I checked out Neutral Milk Hotel for the first time today actually and I discovered that I really really like them, so that is a huge compliment, too. Thanks so much! Feel free to leave me stuff to crit as well. Thanks!
Lots of people don't like their own voices, but you shouldn't, sounding great. The song itself (Wagon Wheel by the way) has a really nice feel to it, a good song to relax to. Can't say anything bad about it.
So Free's just started and so far so good, sounds a bit...darker (not sure that's the word I'm looking for but I'll use it anyway) but still has that feel to it that Wagon Wheel has, might just keep listening to the other songs on your page...

Just had to add, before I fell asleep and forgot, I love the Hands Down song, it starts well and just gets better as it goes along.
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returning the crit. Nice voice and nice quality. I've never heard the original of the covers you do, so I can't really give much crit on that other than it was very tight. Of the songs I believe you wrote, So Free is my favorite. Found myself bobbing my head to it when the 2nd part started. Those notes just sound right together man! My internet wont cooperate so I couldn't listen to the whole thing, I'll try again later. Sounds good tho!
Fantastic Bro!!! Soudns great. Warm Sound... Keep it up! Thanks for the comment!
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Wagon wheel - is this a cover of something or is the name of the song "wagon wheel cover"? wasn't sure! (if cover then hard to crit properly since not original recording and no surprise that the song itself flows properly :P)

Anyways sounds cool, really liked the guitar intro, vocals felt a bit hesitant at the start but caught on not too far into the song and you sounded great after that! Sounds like some kind of old country campfire tune, catchy and straightforward. Backup vocals sound sweet too, good job!

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Well I listened to Wagon Wheel, which was quite well done. One thing though, you could hear the pick hitting the sound hole at various points in the song. I do it too, it's an annoying sound . I don't know if a noise gate would fix that? I also listened to Modern Perversion a couple times, seeing as it's an original (?). I like your voice tone and it's solid guitar playing. Basically, I don't think you need much criticism, all you need is a label and a studio. Keep on working, man!