Quite often I'd like to play something using non-standard tuning, but I get tired of tuning my Floyd Rose all the time. Is there any piece of gear that alters the tuning digitally, so that I could avoid doing it manually?
I know there's Roland VG-99 with GK-3 pickups but the price tag scares me off. Maybe there's a way to get GK-3 working with some other equipment I'm not aware of?

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I think the Digitech Whammy can do that, can someone confirm this.
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Pitch shifter can do that, but the final sound sounds very unnatural
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the Line 6 variax (a guitar) with additional software called variax workbench does it - but i'm guessing thats more than you want to pay.

I think he's talking about alternate tunings like open E, drop D, etc, not simply drop tuning the whole guitars pitch. the digitech whammy and other pitch shifters can drop tune the whole guitar, but not individual strings - they also usually have really awful pitch tracking or only work in monophonic causing crap, weird, annoying un-musical warbles which don't even have a use in psychadelic music..
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Blompcube, you're right. I'd like to be able to tune the guitar however I want (dropped D, open C, etc) and not just change the pitch of all the strings simultaneously.
And Variax, unfortunately, is too expensive.