This may be an over asked question, but ill ask anyway
I have a strat copy that im getting ready to paint and modify and im looking to put some new p ups in it, the ones in it are too noisy and have lame tone.
I play rock/punk/alternative, ive been thinking about something like the emg sa's or sd hotrails but im really unsure
can some one help me out? Thank you!
You could get a Seymour Duncan and two single coils so that you don't have to route a bigger cavity for the bridge pickup. Also, why don't you look into lace sensor pickups? You could get a red/white/blue combo.
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my suggestion is to call Duncan's cust serv line and talk it through with someone live. Doesn't mean you have to buy a Duncan but they have a lot of bases covered with their pups and are real helpful.

another good question to be asking is what amp do you have, because that may affect tone more than a pup swap.
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I got some GFS neovins and I really like them. For punk and alternative you'd probably be best off with their "power rock" set. I have the overwound set and I think they sound fanastic. They sound very good clean and overdriven. For 100 $ a set it's hard to go wrong.
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