As I'm playing a 12 string guitar, it's very difficult to finger pick and it doesn't produce the same sound as a pick. There are so many songs, that I want to play and was used to play, when I had a 6 string acoustic guitar, including finger picking. How to avoid it? How to play with a pick to get a similar sound?
Let's take Metallica's "Fade to black" for example (I have bolded the places, where finger picking is needed):
e| -------------0-------------|-----------0-------------|-----------3-----[B]3[/B]--[B]3[/B]|
G| -2-----2-----------0--2----|-0---------------0--2----|-[B]0[/B]---------------[B]2[/B]--[B]0[/B]|
A| -0-------------------------|-3-----------------------|---------------------|
E| ---------------------------|-------------------------|-[B]3[/B]-------------------|
e |-------------------|
B |----------0--(1)/3-|
G |-[B]0[/B]--------0--(2)/4-|
D |----2--------------|
A |-------2-----------|
E |-[B]0[/B]-----------------|

The same is for "Nothing else matters" and "Welcome home (sanitarium)".

Thank you!
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well you could try a thicker pick i suppose
or try playing with your fingernail
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I still use a pick, just either block out the other strings in between or use your ring finger to play the other string. Hope that made sense
The thing is, you can't get the correct sound with a 12 string guitar, if you finger pick. It's difficult picking two strings at once with your finger. Growing my nails is probably the best idea, but I was hoping to get some alternative tabs, as it's a very known song.
I always play 'Fade to black' with a plectrum these days. For the first parts of each bar I play it more like a rake of the chord instead of a strum, dragging and flicking the pick rather than keeping a steady wrist. It doesn't sound perfect with the recording for the G but it's good enough for just playing around with the piece.

Keep the G as just the four strings (3,2,0,0,x,x) and same with the Em (0,2,2,0,x,x) and it should sound decent.

As for the end of the G bar I just do -0h2p0- on the G string as the G on the high e still rings through and it doesn't sound out of place within the rest of the section because it pretty much continues the theme created in the first two bars.
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