Anybody know where I can get some audio clips to downlaod of Samuel L Jackson's lines in Pulp Fiction.
I'm in need of a new message tone.
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The Pulp Fiction soundtrack has a lot of dialouge
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Hey I said this once
buy the soundtrack?

i have the soundtrack and on it are Royal with cheese, personality goes a long way and ezekiel 25 - 17

but i guess you can try limewire or something
lol i dont...

But if you do it has to either:

"putting your tongue in the holiest of hollies ain't the same thing as a foot massage! it aint even the same ball game!!" (or somthing like that lol)


"Hmmm this is a tasty burger!!"


"And you will know! my name is the Lord!! when i strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who appose...."

or just

"Mother ****er"

Or... "Tell that bitch to calm the **** down!!!"

Lol... i love it

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This is deep
Was the pun intended?
Actually no

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