It seems to suffer gravity fairly easily. Is there any way to stiffen it up so it doesn't hang loose all the time? I've got the extra plastic rings on it that it says you should ad to tighten it up but they seem to have no effect...
if you have the edge pro you need new trem bushings occasionally. my wang bar goes like that too. just go to a shop and buy some bushings (like 12 for £6) they are ridiculously priced but you need them if your wham bar is gravitys bitch. they are those little white rings on the trem. if the ones you have are **** then buy more.
if you're arm goes loose on your edge pro there's not much you can do.

i have the same guitar and the bar was stiff at first but after an hour of playing it became loose as hell. i tried replacing the washers(those white thingies on the arm) on it with the spare ones that came with the guitar but same **** happened.

so unless you got cash to spend on washers everytime they go loose,
my advice is....get used to it
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I think this is a deliberate, intentional part of the FR design. It would have been pretty simple to design the clamp to be as stiff as you wanted. It's not quite so easy to design it so it's always loose enough for the bar to drop straight down quickly when you let go of it (so it's out of your way immediately), but still not be so loose it falls out.

Personally, I'm glad I don't have to shove the bar out of the way when I drop it. I'm also glad it's always in a known place when I need it again - pointing straight down.
I put up the same thread and was recommended to apply nail varnish between the plastic rings and bar, 'buffing' up the rings and making it UBER tight for the arm. Works for a while, then wears off but you can easily last a gig with it.
you can put a tiny piece of paper under the bushing

i think its a major design flaw.. I actually just rammed rigid my floyd with strips of plastic then filled the thing with industrial glue so it will never have even the tiniest bit of play. Yes killed resale value!

edit:- cheapiest and nastiest way is to take out the bar, put a strip of thin plastic half in the hole then force it back in.. Trim off the plastic excess i guess if youre the tidy sort
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you can put a tiny piece of paper under the bushing

Heh, that's what I decided to do in the end. Ended up making myself with a penknife though trying to get the fecking things off. >.<
I did the paper thing too. The other thing you can do is put a layer of nail varnish or something adhesive like that (not glue!) around the indent (with the bushing off), leave it to dry and put the bushing back on. This has the effect of the metal being 'thicker' by the smallest degree, making the arm stiffer.
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