I've been learning guitar off and on for a little while. I can basically sing along and play songs to chords (Johnny Cash, U2),simple lead over backing tracks (Foo Fighters, Muse, ect) very basic improv with a drum and bass track, but what I can't do is play guitar that sounds good by itself.

Often on you tube when watching product demos for new amps or pedals I hear alot of bluesy chordsy rock that sounds great on its own with a very full sound and no need for drum and bass to sound good. I listen to alot of Jeff Buckley and I noticed in-between songs at live concerts he's able to do good "full sounding" fills and such with ease.

So how do I go about learning this?

Any good books you can point me too?
If I'm understanding what you're after right, it's mainly in the tone; you need a pretty full, commanding tone if you want to go it alone instead of having others provide your bass, rhythm and so on.

If you know any scales, use them. Since you're on your own you're not going to destroy the feel of it by messing around in the "wrong" scales since there isn't a chord progression to meld in with. However, I'd say you pretty much need some rhythm (drums?)in there unless you're very good; the stage nerves'll get you and you'll sound sloppy otherwise.

And also, you probably won't be able to get away with just single notes; shove a few chords in there to an interesting rhythm (make sure it works with the drums/whatever else is playing with you) and you can't go far wrong.

As I see it, the major thing with this kind of stuff is practicing/experimenting; just mess around in scales, meddle with your tone, until you find something you like.
Try mixing in scales in the same area as you are playing the chords, open position and barre chords. Mix the major pentatonic scale in over major chords. Play the minor pentatonic scale over minor chords. Easy enough to say but it takes practice to get it flowing.

No method book comes to mind. Get a Jeff Buckley or Jimi Hendrix songbook/tabs.
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If you want to be able to write full sounding chord progressions learn about all the chords based off of the intervals of the Major and Minor keys, especially all of the seventh chords which really give that "full" sound.

My suggestions:
The first installment of Josh Urban's Crusade Articles Read them all for a good start into theory.
How About Cadences A really good article about cadences which are effective ways to end a progression
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