i just read an article claiming that led zeppelin are working on a new album.
i doubt it is reliable because they refer to jpj as paul jones, but they claim jason bonham said on a radio show that page, jones, and himself were jamming in the studio working on a some new songs.

sorry i dont have a link.flameshield on.

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The odds of that happening are terrible so I'm pretty sure the article is a bunch of crap.
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That seems a bit ridiculous. I doubt they'd keep writing new material for Led Zeppelin rather than a new project, and honestly, it probably wouldn't be as excellent as their early stuff. I, for one, didn't like In Through the Out Door much.
jeez i really hope they dont and if they have new material release it as something else but not led zeppelin. itd be sad if what they would release is garbage because led zeppelin would just be that much less EPIC.