Tonight I will be having my first guitar lesson in the about 5 year span that I've been playing guitar. I'm self taught and I know a lot of stuff. I know all the chords, open, and about three positions for each up the neck, I know pentatonic and major scales. But I can't read music, and that's part of the reason I'm taking lessons.

What should I expect out of the first lessons? I'm afraid it'll all get too technical and take the fun away from playing.

(I think this is in the right area?)
Dude I was in the sme postion, and I found that I enjoy it more now I know mor heory and stuff, I have really imporved my playing a lot, so I think it will be good, providing your teracher is good anyway.good luck man.
Me too, he also corrected me on a lot of little technical errors i was making which improved my playing significantly. Good luck.
All right, that makes me feel a bit better.

I'm taking it kind of for jazz too. I'm in the jazz band at my high school, and the teacher wanted me to learn jazz guitar.

I think it is important to define your goals to your teacher. The first lesson is often 'getting to know' time. Everyone comes into lessons with different experience so there will be some overlap in what's talked about and what you already know. Try to get some material in your first lessons that is new to you: chord voicings, sight-reading, etc. Your teacher should be able fill in gaps in your understanding along the way.

High school jazz band is going to be a great experience and knowledge builder, too.

If you like learning new stuff then your lessons should always be fun! Remember, the number one goal is to MAKE MUSIC.
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Yeah, the only thing is that the lessons are only a half hour a week.

Is that normal, or is that short?

I'm afraid I'm gonna learn like one thing a lesson, and it'll take a while to add onto my repetoire.

But at least I'm learning something instead of nothing.
That's enough time if the teacher is on their game. Enough time to review, answer questions and get new material. It really is about the time you put in between lessons.

I have my lesson material printed and a copier so the student doesn't have to wait while I write it out. Your teacher should be able to do that or point you to a good book if you are blowing through the material before the end of the week.
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Well, I just got back, and so far I've learned 7th chords and major 7th chords. Also some minor 7ths and different ways to play all of them.

Only thing is, he's not too fond of the Beatles.

But I don't mind, we played My Girl today, and it was pretty cool.

He also suggested that I try to play barre chords with the index instead of thumb. :/ He said it wasn't a bad thing, but it just might be hard for me to switch to different chords.

I'm gonna try and play through the whole book this week. I'll probably get through most of it.
Quote by SunDrop
whoa, you played barre chords with your thumb?

Not all the way across the fret board... Have you ever seen John Frusciante or Jimi Hendrix play barre chords? I play them like that. I hold down the low e string with my thumb.