Hey guys, i was wondering if you could give me some advice.

I'm after fitting a dimarzio tone zone and paf pro into my Gibson SG special, the only problem is, when i look online, i can only find "F-spaced" pickups made for guitars with locking trems etc.

I was wondering, does anybody know if a) F spaced pickups will fit in my SG and work as it should do (ie. not sounding strange or wrong) and b) where can i find standard spaced dimarzios in the UK? I can't seem to find any online!

If any of you's could enlighten me I'd be greatful, cheers

I can't say it will sound bad, but the pickup will definitely not sound how it was meant to sound. I would guess there would be a lack a considerable amount of output.
ah right. anybopdy know where i can order standard spaced then? I wanna get the pickups in a white colour ... god i make things difficult for myself haha