Anybody else had a foreign exchange student? I hosted a girl from Sicily three years ago; she was pretty much the coolest person ever. We visited her last year, it was quite cool. Then my sisters have both done exchange programs in South America, one in Peru, the other in Ecuador. I'm planning on going to some Spanish-speaking country next summer, and we're hosting another girl from Sicily this year who'll be here Sunday night. Anyone else done any programs like this?
I went to Switzerland for a month this year to improve my french.

The guy came to live with me to improve his English and while it wasn't the best time it helped me a hell of a lot.

Good experience as well, I'd recommend it.


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I was much too far out all my life
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i went on the German Exchange with my secondary school about 5 years ago. the whole experience was awesome and i went on to take German A level because of it.
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Unless it's a hot girl who puts out it's not worth it.

And it never is...
my dorm is filled with them, they're all pretty cool (and I seriously wonder how much actualy studying they do when they come here )
I went with my friend, his mom and brother to his grandma's house for two weeks, and for a few days we stayed at his aunt's mansion, and there was a Frenchy staying there. He was pretty cool; he played guitar, he had just gotten back Mayhemfest with my friend's cousin, and he showed me the pics of Dragonforce and Slipknot that he got, and he wore Iron Maiden and Dimmu Borgir shirts. He had a 360 with him, and I had mine, so my friend, his brother, the Frenchy and I all played COD4 together. He seemed kind of bored, cause my friend's cousins are always (literally) doing stuff with their friends, so he just sat in his room all day and played GTAIV and guitar. He could just barley speak a little English, but he was still pretty cool.
^^ Yeah, I really want to go to Spain for more than two days. Madrid seemed like it would be a ridiculously cool place to live.

Luckily for me, it appears that the girl I'll be hosting is actually pretty attractive. And my age. And into music.