So I haven't been on UG in awile, but I just started college, as I type im sitting in the lounge area waiting for my next class. I just want to know if anybody else is a freshman this year or starting college. So far I like it. By the was I go to West Chester University In PA. Tell me your first impressions of college.
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a.k.a. as... you didn't have anyone to IM online so you made this thread so that people IRL think you're cool and are talking to friends???

JK, i'm gonna be a junior so nope no college for me
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im a freshman too, just had my first classes yesterday. seems cool, a lot more people dress similarly, and 3000 people is alot more than i imagined.
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Going to Dutch college in a week.. hopefully it'll be better than my high school since that sucked balls..
im a freshman penn state (altoona) just got done with my music theory class so far college is boring for the first week because i dont know anyone and my roommate is really weird and the town is a couple miles from campus so its not like i can walk anywhere and i dont have a car but the good thing about where i am is i go up to the main campus (its 40min away) for football (american) games and parties and plus i work on campus at a suck ass job where all the bosses are complete assholes to us i hope it gets better
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