Now hes lost his wife and he'll be spending a hell of a long time behind bars. Ouch.

But I do not want to meet his manly wife. How do you get hit in the head by a claw hammer and continue fighting?
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awesome avatar,denn0069!
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The most truth I've heard in the pit.
She sounds like a beast!

"A large woman, she was eventually able to get the slight Haffey into a chokehold and police later found him dead in a hallway."

Slight chokehold? More like CHOKESLAM!
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Sounds like she was in the kitchen at the time, therefore making her stronger.

We are one
one is the beginning
are you one Herbert?

I'm not Herbert
he was married to She-Hulk?
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I totally agree with LegionsOfDeath

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Photoshop is for n00bs. Real men use MS paint.

Now that's my kinda woman!
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Tobysaurus is one sexy man.

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I think I love you Tobysaurus!

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God damn, you've given me a boner Toby!