I'll be getting a new amp soon but I'm still debating on which one, I want the SWR working pro 210C because price/feature wise it fits my demands, but I'm scared it's underpowered (no one around here will order one for me to try it). What I want to know is, will the SWR satisfy me, will the tweeter annoy me and will I want an ampeg further on down the road?

thank you and please be kind(First post)
what do you play and how much dough ya packin?
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Nope that amp is fantastic, have no second thoughts, 250 may seem under powered but with a second speaker you can get 400
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I don't wanna pass 1000$ cdn dollars, and I play everything imaginable, looking for a punchy tone so I figured 10's would be cool
its a very nice punchy amp...and as slaptasticdave you can add a 15 ( or a 4x10 ) later for not much money at all and squeez a few more watts out of it if you need it but seriously its NICE

Plenty of SHAPING options , RUGGED AS HELL , LOOKS GOOD , you will be happy i mean SWR is EXPENSIVE but as anyone here will tell you, "you get what you pay for"