Which do you think I should get? I own a Roland Microcube and I play a lot of Metallica, Guns N' Roses, and loads of other metal, also some RHCP and blues-ey kinda stuff. Personally, I'm leaning a bit towards the DKM2 because it has a Jazz pickup in the neck position and I'm guessing that would be better for the softer stuff. What do you guys think? Also, can they stay in tune?
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The SD Jazz is a humbucker and wont do the softer stuff better than the SC101 single-coil on the DK2. Its a good allround pickup, but this should not be the reason to choose the DK2M. You should base your choice on whether you prefer a maple fretboard or a rosewood fretboard.
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I love my DK2, and yes it stays in tune very well. If you want something for blues and not just metal, then I think the DK2 will serve you well with it's neck single coil.

alright, I'll try them both out at a guitar shop and see which I prefer

Curses...i have nothing of interest to write in this here place.
if you play a lot of RHCP, i'd probably get the dk2, as it is HSS (two single coils). As LP_CL says, though, the big thing is the maple versus rosewood fretboard. It combined with the different pickup configurations are probably the two main differences.
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