So I was in a shop the other day, I picked up an Aria Bass and although I didnt plug it in, I held it and it felt nice, good neck and not too heavy. The thing is, I cant remember what model it is. Its a copy of a Fender P-Bass and its black and white. (Left Handed with 4 Strings) Can anyone tell me what model it is? Also, are Aria Basses good quality in general?
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It was most likely an Aria Pro II bass. They are solid basses and built really well. I would avoid their recent output (last 5 years) since the quality has gone down a bit.
old arias are fantastic basses but new arias are junk

i had an aria stb jb dx5 and i hated it everything about it was wrong, the eq was unresponsive, the tone had no life, the string spacing was huge, the fretwork was terrible and it weighed more than my car
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I have an aria pro II avante,
the only problem I have with them is that the strings have such a great tonal difference.
But most of the time I don't mind.

They play well, look great! Just plug it in and feel the groove BABY!

Yeah even I have good times sometimes,
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