Hey gear heads, I have a few questions for you regarding EMGs. Now, I already use an 81/85 combo in my Agile Ghost III, and I do like them a lot. I was thinking of upgrading my pickups in my other Agile, a hornet, and was thinking to go with passing EMGs, or maybe even just one if I can find one on ebay. I was thinking of moving my seymour duncan distortion to the neck and putting the passive in the bridge. Or if I can find a single emg anywhere, just getting a set.

So, my real question is, how are the passives? Is the sound dramatically different from the actives? Also, are they just like installing any other pickup, or is that more difficult?
lil more difficult installin,quite a bit difference in sound also,depends mainly on personal preference
everyone will tell you that passive EMG's sound like ****, do not listen to them. They're moderately high output and have good cleans not too bad when cranked either, a good all round pickup.
Passive EMGs sound kind of sterile. For the price, they DO sound like crap. There is not a lot of character to their sound at all. They do respond fairly well to wood changes, and the cleans aren't bad, but why buy mediocre pickups for the price of a great set of DiMarzio or Duncans?

One word of caution with the Distortion in the neck: You may find it too muddy. Neck pickups are often brighter than the bridge and vice versa so they sound clear in the intended position. Lower output pickups can often be switched without issue, but higher output ones could sound muddy, but it won't hurt to try.
Hm, thanks for the tips so far. First of all, my amp is a Krank Rev Jr., so just to clear that up before it's asked.... but, as far as the pickups go, I'm really just looking to replace my stock neck pickup in the agile, but it don't play clean all that often. I was thinking if I could get something pretty high output for some good metal tones, i could just swap it with my distortion..

Well, the way I'm funding this is by selling my boss rc loop station, so what do you guys think is my best option for getting a good bridge pickup in that hornet?