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I've noticed lately my Jackson creaks at the nut when ever I move the string with the tuner. I've tried graphite in the nut, made sure I'm stringing right, made sure there are no snags at the tuners or nut, but I just can't figure it out. Another odd issues is there are a lot of odd harmonic "overtones" and excess noise in the area kind of kept in check by the hairband that is often in place. Is it because the nut is wearing? Should I have it adjusted/replaced (would have a pro do it right)? It's not a locking nut btw. I've also considered the possibility of it being loose. the B string also has this funky loose feel to it.
does it have string hangars like a strat? ive seen more squeaking issues from that than the nut. if you do a lot of bending when you play the nut can wear out fast how old is it? i dont know about harmonic overtones but a loose nut can cause weird sounds because the string can move side to side. if theres any movement like that or if a hair band has to be put around it id say you should replace it. nuts arent very hard to replace but the screw up factor is bad if it happens. id have it professionally done to make sure the strings are at the height they have to be because a small mistake can make a good guitar play like crap. you could get a brass one and it would last longer than the rest of the guitar most likeley or go bone if not. no sense skimping on a cheap part. oh and graphite is pretty messy and doesnt stay where you need it on a guitar well id get some real nut lube made specifically for guitars.
Nope, no string trees. The nut is about 2 years old. I was actually leaning towards brass though. The screwup factor is why I'm kind of afraid to it... I normally need a couple attempts at something to do it right, and nut work is pretty much new to me.
don't know about the creak, but if you want to change a nut without the fuss, go to an authorized dealer and order the same nut by model number taken off of manufacturers website.

you want as little filing as possible.

you can also try coated strings prior to swapping the nut at all.

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