I have to do a setup with 2 amps (2 ins and outs) and 4 speakers and a 16 channel mixer. Now in order for this to work do I need to go Right Out of the mixer into a Y cable to the two inputs of 1 amp and vice versa for the left and the other amp? Or is there another method? Thanks for your help!
I'm not sure what you're asking exactly, but you can either mic up the speaker cabs and run the mics into the mixer, or just connect the amp head directly to the mixer.
Its a PA setup, 4 non-powered speakers, 2 amps to drive the speakers and a 16 channel mixer with an added EQ. I am wondering what the correct wiring/cabling would be to go from the output of my mixer into the inputs of those 2 amps.
Most setups use 1/4" connections between the mixer and power amps.

To wire between the power and and speakers you want to use speaker cables, not instrument cables.
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Yeah I understand this...The Amps have XLR inputs and the mixer has XLR outputs. All I am wondering is if I were to go from Left Out of my mixer to Channel 1 input of the amp driving my left side speakers, and Right Out of the mixer to Channel 1 of the xlr input of the amp driving the right side speakers if that would be a correct configuration.
I think you've got the wrong idea. If your amps have direct outs, you want to go amp>x channel on mixer, and the left and right outs on your mixer go to the speakers. Then you could simply pan amp A to the left and amp B to the right.
I wouldnt but it on the "x" channel of the mixer though b/c I want the whole mix to be equalized. I don't see why going out from my mixer, into the eq, out from the eq into the amp, then from the amp to the speaker...why that wouldnt work...hrmmmmmm sorry for being so confusing....
Doesn't your mixer have a built in power amp? What mixer is it? Because you can't go from the mixer into an amp, that just doesn't do anything. You have to have signal going into the mixer to be able to control it.