This was done a lawng time ago, but I can't be bothered to find the thread. Anyway, just plug some good bands from around your area that you think everyone here on Pop Punk & Emo should listen to, along with a description of their style of music, and maybe a suggested track or two.

The Measure - NJ Progressive Emo Ambient. Suggested tracks are "Fucking and Punching" and "If Plato is a Fine Red Wine

The Tonight Life - NJ Piano Emo Rock with dueling Male and Female vocals. Suggested Track is "What We Used to Know"

Action Item - NJ Pop Punk. Suggested track is "Dressed For The Weather"

Strike - 14-16 year olds playing Indie/Emo. Suggested Track is "Way to Go Champ"
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the enemy from coventry, uk

away from here
had enough
this song
we'll live and die in these towns
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www.myspace.com/belavalore - MD emocore? Not sure of the genre. Listen to Breaches.
www.myspace.com/amentheanimal - Basically the same as above. Listen to any track.
www.myspace.com/buriedinvegasrock - see above

All the bands around here sound the same.
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the enemy from coventry, uk

away from here
had enough
this song
we'll live and die in these towns

man, i hate that band.
i suppose it beats 10cc which is probably to most famous band to come from where i live...
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The Measure(SA), different band than The Measure, pop punk band from NJ http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=5160691

For Science, pop punk band from NJ you guys probably already know

Static Radio, Melodic hardcore band from NJ

I might post some more later.
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Blatant self-Advertising: http://www.myspace.com/dactylmusic

That's my band, Terry and the dactyls, we're going through a slow name change currently, any suggestions are appreciated.


That's StereoGoesStellar, a pretty good pop rock band. The vocalist/pianist is cute in a really nerdy unconventional way. But the guitarists, do harmonies and stuff, so it's actually pretty cool to see them do it live, even if it's not my usual genre.


Yellow wood. More of a shoegazey indie sound, but it reminds me of the indie-emo sound. I know the bassist, he's probably the only good sound guy in our entire city.


Inoke Errati. Pronounced "I Know Karate". Sweet, catchy as f*ck powerpop stuff. One of the most popular bands in this genre in my town, I think.


Gahh, Corporate Saturday. Really popular. they went to my high school. The Guitarist is really talented, he played for the jazz band, and is pretty nice. The bassist/keyboardist is super nice, and major talented. The singer is an egotistical douche. same goes for the drummer. Not a fan of the sound, but I guess ya'll may like them.

And last but not least, Neverending White Lights.


Basically just one guy, he went to my high school, and is really talented musically. I don't think he gets distribution in the USA, but he's really popular here, and I think pretty well known across canada, he had his video for "The Grace" played all the time on Muchmusic (canadian version of MTV)

his first album had all guest singers from canada, the Grace had Dallas Green doing the vocals. It's really interesting music, just kinda moody soft alt rock.
Our Escape my band, influenced by 90's skate punk bands like lagwagon, pulley, strung out, the offspring etc, fast with lots of riffs & melodic vocals

Chief Positive melodic hardcore, sound alot like Strike anywhere, these guys are doing pretty well, have supported h2o, set your goals, strike anywhere, the loved ones and are supporting strung out in october

Fat Phace Describe themselves as Barber shop punk, lots of vocal harmonies & a kind of bad religion sound

if you check them out leave a comment?
Fat Phace sound a hell of a lot like Bad Religion. I think I would have dug them about 8 years ago, I dig the energy and the attitude but the sound is pretty stale.

EDIT: Suppose I'd better contribute.

Red Paper Dragon (Exeter):
Bit of an apolcalyptic mix of GY!BE and Isis. Don't really belong in this thread but pretty enjoyable.

More Than Life (Bristol-ish):
Melodic, passionate hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid, This Is Hell, etc. Not afraid to use clean guitar intros and shake things up a little bit. Worth a listen.

Only two I can think of right now


The Computers (Exeter):
Mash up of old-style rock'n'roll, bit of blues and a bit of hardcore. Interesting.
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I'd never support and/or recommend the bands in my area. I know one's supposed to be supportive of their scene or whatever, by I'm surrounded by a bunch of shitty white supremacist punk bands and ska bands filled with douchebags. Maybe I'll post back later with a few of the local bands that I actually like.
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man, i hate that band.
i suppose it beats 10cc which is probably to most famous band to come from where i live...

I didn't realise you were from Stockport - I visit your train station every week (on my way to Sheffield).

Plug In Amp

My little brother's band. Pop-punk.

Slow Club

Beautiful Indie/Folk from Sheffield.

Grown At Home

Fun Ska band from Stafford.

Good Morning Liberty

Pop-punk from Rotherham.

You could always click the link in my signature if you fancied it.
Well of course, there's my favourite local band ever. Their shows are always insane, and the fans, (myself included), are always singing the lyrics into the mics. I've seen them about 5 times in the last two years.


Blurt. My favourite would be.... all of them.
we the kings r local

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Hurp, heres a ****in band from New Hampshire, heres a techno influence heavy song we did.

We were supposed to be screamo but I perfer Electronic/pop and we dont have a singer.. so this happened.


itd be nice to know wut you think, also recently i found our guitarist plagiarized the chord progression from The Scorpions and the guitar lead from Linkin Park, but... wat can you do
human host - electronic, kinda goofy, kind weird, chill

mmotm - beautiful, electronicy screamo with occasional strings

Rota - screamo

the summer we went west - emo/screamo, beautiful

dawn treader - screamo, really tasty

army of kashyyyk - scream, really really tasty

Osceola - beautiful emo, similar to Sinaloa at times

Branch Breaker - emo, but very original

a cat called cricket - folky, indie, acoutic, cello

pianos become the teeth - post-rocky screamo

batcomputer (b4tc0mput3r) - poppy, emo, ambeint, i dunno, you'll probably like it though

age sixteen - beautiful beautiful emo/screamo

human excuse - acoustic, ambient

Timber - really really good emo/screamo

that's about it, just go through and look at the descriptions i put a lot of diverse stuff, i'm sure you'll find something you'll like. We also have a huge amount of real hardcore bands, but i don't think the pop-punk forum needs them.