I have trouble playing this kind of riffs at high speed, actually I don't really have an idea hot to do them fluidly even on low speed, any suggestions/advices?

pretty standard lick. just practice. keep your index finger anchored on the fourteenth fret, allowing yourself to fret either the e or b string without really having to move it.

you're pretty much "barring" those two frets with that one finger. it makes things a lot easier.
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I've got problems with muting and picking, I found it easiest not to pick the b string, I just hammer and pull off that note, if I don't do that than I would have to sweep it, but sometimes the e string rings out
I'm having the same problem too and it seems like its used so much, do you guys use your pinky for the 17 on the b string there?
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I use my middle finger to bend the g string, my index to barre e and b and my ring finger to hammer on the 17th fret
only practice will fix this problem

i use my my index on the 14th fret, pinky on the 17th and ring finger on the 16th fret

listen to Slash, or Zakk Wylde, these guys use this technique alot