Will my tapping finger (middle) get a callous on it like the fingers on my left hand have, because before they got callouses the skin was peeling and stuff, but on my right hand the finger is just red and sore?
Eventually it should callous (and I mean a long time, it'll take way longer than your left hand), but it really shouldnt hurt that much. If it does, then maybe you're doing it too much or too hard. You really dont have to punch the fretboard with your finger to hear the tapped note, a little pressure should be enough.
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get some black tape (or blue tape you can get), stick a little on the end of your finger and see what that is like, or look for something to put on the end of your finger if it is hurting to much and you want to practice... at the minute my finger's are killing, they have callous on but i have been playing for quite a few hours over the last day or two...

im planning on getting either duck tape or black (matte) tape so i can play with out taking the skin off my fingers and hopefully it allow me to slide faster and bend harder.. and maybe tap harder too...
yeah, you will eventually. it probably takes longer as you don't tap as much as you use your left hand.
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What I did to over come this was to take my tapping finger, and rub it perpendicular to the frets very hard, until it hurts too much to continue. Doing this for about a week will speed the callous process up.