Ok guys, so i have a Jackson KVX10 King V. From the 15th to to around the 19th fret, on the high E, im having a few problems. Im getting no sounds, like its a dead or muted note. Unless i fret the string to finger bleeding measures, i cant get a good sound. No hammer ons, no pull offs, no bend, nothing. It never before used to do this until about a week or two ago. It used to work fine, then... BAM!!

Im almost positive i didnt really do anything to it. The only times it was susceptible to any form f damage is when i was transporting it from house to house. Now, this guitar is wonder, and plays great until i get around that area. And its only one the High E to, which is strange, So you can see why im quite dishearted

Any ideas?

Thanks guys
Replace the strings, go up a gauge, get the thing professionally set up. Even if the frets are dented because the strings accidentally got smacked into them, it can be ironed out with a good setup and you won't need new frets.
its already gone up a gauge, but i havent restrung it yet. Ill try it, but im not looking forward to restringing the Floyd Rose. Ugh...

Ok, unless theres any other suggestions, ima try it.