I've never submitted or made a tab before, I tried to submit my first tab of I'm Lost Without You by Blink 182 but it is listed as denied, without a comment, and I don't know why. The tab has the opening riff and the verse and chorus chords. As far as I can see my tab is unique on this site (it is a different way of playing to the current tabs of the song), I haven't taken it from an official book or anything, and the tab is correct. Can anyone see any reasons why it would be denied?
There's like 4 tabs and 4 chords of it already...

and please, bring it over here.
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I think I recall UG being quite strict on a standard notation for tabs, it's ppb about some details

Did you add the tuning? (each string should at least be named), did you use correct spacing between notes, is the tab easy to read, etc etc
"different way of playing" doesn't make your tab unique. If you've just changed not placement on the neck and such. the existing tab is probably adequate and yours isn't needy. Try picking a song to tab that you don't see any high-rated tabs for on the site.