I'm looking for a custom guitar. but I don;t know any custom guitar shops( besides ESP, but I think they are ripping me off)

Can you guys refer me to some companies that can do that for me?

My budget's 4000USD (But the cheaper the better) and I need a body that is compatible with blue bands and metal bands, because i'm in the jazz band at school, and generally play metal and alt rock at home. I want the custom guitar to be better or as good quality as my fender standard MIA strat or my gibson LP standard, if not i'd rather get a PRS custom 22 or 24( I really really like it)

I hope that helps to slim the options down

would you guys recommend getting a custom guitar?

if not, I'm just gonna get a PRS CUstom 22 or 24

THanks anyways

I only considering to get a custom guitar because someone said that a custom guitar will be the most compatible to you that any other guitar, but I'm not too sure about it. can you guys verify?
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I would imagine most well known guitar makers would have some sort of custom shop.

Are you wanting a guitar built from the ground up, to your spec, or do you have an idea of what you want, and want to personalize it?
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Ran guitars
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you're still in school and you can afford a 4000 dollar guitar?

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Jacksons custom shop seems pretty good too
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4k? Depending on the specs, nobody will probably do it for that cheap.
Also, Ran prices did go up, along with every other guitar manufactuar.

EDIT- Jackson CS also has about a 2 year wait time on most guitars, and even longer than that for others.
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you're still in school and you can afford a 4000 dollar guitar?

It's when you get out of school you can't afford it :p

There's some places like ET Guitars, or Jaden Rose Custom Guitars that I have never tried, but seems to have some very cool stuff, high quality, and to be known by alot of people at jemsite.com

Also Ran should be quite awesome

or you could go warmoth build yourself. I'm doing that, and I'm telling you the warmoth parts of the highest quality!
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You should probably avoid a custom guitar for now because you don't seem to know exactly what you want. The whole point of a custom guitar is to pick out all the things you like and put them in a single guitar. And since you really like the PRS guitars, just get one of those.
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I know what i want,
Mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard 24 frets, falmed maple top and my own inlays(
Original floyd,
A body, I actually like the gibson double cut
locking tuners, locking nuts.
one tone, two volumes, and I like trans black finsih

and maybe a monkey grip, either a one like steve vai or herman Li.
4k aint gonna do all that dude, sorry. Custom guitar prices have increased over the past 8 months, more then others, but increased none the less.
To all you people saying that his budget is too small, CARVIN CARVIN CARVIN CARVIN.
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go local and find a local custom shop (assuming ur in a moderately big town). they will commonly make custom guitars that are just the same if not better then like gibson or PRS customs and they will be affordable on ur budget
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I going to recommend Suhr , because while they aren't full custom you get a ton of options. Plus they're incredibly versatile.