My friend is looking for a new bass amp, he has about $1000 USD to spend. He plays mainly blues and rock. The amp needs to be loud enough to gig with. I'm not too familiar with bass amps in general, so any suggestions would be great.
As far as amps in the $1000 price range, a lot of pros use Ampeg amps such as the SVT-4 Pro (about $1400 used, can get cheaper scratch and dent or used of course). 1200watts....has some good power and sound....
could get ashdown, the abm series combo will do exactly what ur friend wants, and better.
Ampeg is a valid choice, but many don't like them as much since production has moved to China. Ashdown is another choice.

But it depends what you want.

You can go with high end company like the above and get a used half stack or full stack.

Or you could go with a more "boutique" company such as EBS, Eden, SWR and get a smallish (still giggable) combo.