i was just wondering if anyone knows a good computer program thats any good?

i got Audacity but wen i plug in it makes the guitar sound horrible!!

pls help!!
Chances are your guitar sounds horrible...because your guitar sounds horrible...not because of Audacity.
Either way
You could try Kristal Audio Engine
Or bittorrent something like Cakewalk.
I don't think the problem is Audacity if it sounds horrible, what other equipment do you use?
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i was just plugging straight in to the comp, from the guitar (BC Rich KKW)
audacity gave it a really horrible distorted tone, all my friends that use it have the same problem,
i recently started to use my Digitech 'Death Metal' pedal with it witch sounds fine but i cant get any acoustic tone out of it, and i need to be able to record a tiny bit of acoustic for a song im doin, thx 4 the replies!!!