Poll: britain for guns???
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Yes, let the chav killing begin
1 14%
No, baically let the chavs live
5 71%
i already own one,
1 14%
Voters: 7.
Well as you may know in america guns can be bought over the counter (as if it were candy lol)

so i was thinking should us brits hav the same rules ?

personally i think it should be done as the chav infestation is rife so let me hear your views
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I'm sure you'll still agree when one of these chavs you plan on shooting shoots you
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Well I'm not from the UK but wouldn't you be giving these "chavs" more advantages? What's gonna happen is that you'll have a bunch of shootouts between decent folks and "Chavs" until one side wins.
Guns shouldn't be legal anywhere.
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if they have asbo's there excluded from purchasing firearems lol
eats the funk, breathes the metal and dranks the blues