I was just reading something that said often cavities of guitars are painted with special paint to help with grounding and reducing radio frequencies and such. Now Ive done a lot of reading and havent heard a word about this before, and have just stripped and repainted my guitar, but have not applied a clear coat yet. Is this something that I am now missing on my guitar, or am I safe?
Or you can just shield the cavity with copper tape, copper sheets, or even aluminum foil.
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Yeah, paint is mainly for RF. Foil/copper tape is for hum. Foil is great, but you must use at least 2 layers (unless it's that really thick stuff). I used 3 layers in my amp and it works perfectly.
Allright, so the best option would just be to add some paint at the end then? I dont want to do the shielding thing unless its a problem. I read that whole page about shielding, and it see like only a win-win option, but I would just like to get the guitar back together and playable asap and go from there.