OK, i'm a real n00b and i need to know some cheap and cheerful midi controllers for like, synth bass and drums and others on cubase...

I've really no idea where to start so any advice is great.


Try AKAI's MIDI pads, or M Audio's Trigger Finger. Ideally, see how they feel in a store. They run <$150.
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look around at yard sales or craigs list for an old keyboard. Most have MIDI output so you can run that to an interface and control your software synths. The on board sounds wont be used so it doesnt matter if they work or not...

Or you can look into something like the M-Audio Axiom or keyrig lines.
I looked into this earlier on these forums and this was about the best response i got. It seems no one has a great anwser. For this reason I still have yet to get a board for myself.

One thing that I would personally suggest would be to try out the keybeds on these things before you buy. While the axiom boards were the only recomendation i could get I hate the keys on them. Terrible action if you ask me. So anyway, test them out if at all possible.

Also might want to check and see if your opperating system is supported.

Good Luck and hope you have better luck than I have. Post about whatever you decide to get if you can. It will help the rest of us alright?

The great thing about triggering midi is that it doesn't have to be costly. As already noted, a cheap keyboard with a USB port will do.

A couple of years ago, my wife aske what I wanted for Christmas. I told her that since the Korg Triton was out of our budget, a MicroKorg would do. She got me a Casio with her selling point, "look honey, the keys light up when you play!"

As I did my best to show excitement, it ended up in the corner of the room collecting dust. I soon discovered Native Instruments' soft-synths and downloaded some demo software and plugged my "toy" into the USB port. My little casio now blows the Triton out of the water using NI Komplete.

I also use M-Audio Trigger Finger for my drums using NI Battery. I'm not overly impressed with the Trigger Finger for drums. I usually tap out a few beats and go into the midi map to finish.
Thanks for the help guys, i'm looking now at the M-Audio Oxygen 49. Anyone have any comments on it or the oxygen range? worth buying?

Thanks again