Hello guys.
I am planning a really long trip, and wanted to bring an acoustic along. I don't have an acoustic (normally just play my electric, or use someone elses) but I really like the acoustic feel and sound. But this trip requires packing light, so does anyone know a lightweight guitar that can withstand varying humidity and temperature, as well as exposure to the elements? Also, I would sort of like it to be pretty loud. The price range is, well, not yet decided, but I want to have this guitar for a while (think, years) so I don't really wanna skimp on it, so let your imaginations go wild.

Also, a note of interest, when I wanted light and durable I thought "Ovation guitars!." But after reading about them, I read alot about how they have a wierd "tinny" sound. If it's that tinny, is it loud at all? I mean I care about the tone alot, but right now the main part is making sure I have a guitar that will last me the trip (yes, I know...tone coming secondary? Blasphemy!) Anyway, I figure I can modify the tinniness with heavy strings...but what do you guys think of them? Is it loud enough?

Thank you very much guys,

EDIT: btw, I would also like it to be fully acoustic, not acoustic/electric...does ovation even make a purely acoustic guitar?
Personally I'd go for the Mini Taylor. It's the only travel size guitar with a comparable tone to full size ones
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I will look at the mini-taylor. As for the backpacker guitar, that can't be loud and can't have a very good tone (I know I said tone was secondary, but I would like it to be passable you know?)

Also, does anyone have an average weight for an acoustic guitar? (Full size.)
my brother-in-law has the backpack guitar and it sounds good and is louder then you would think but in all honesty i cant tell you that for sure because i havent heard it in a few years cuz my nephew who is 3 likes to use it and the strings are very out of tune and i think 2 of them are broken but what i remember form 3 years ago it sounded great,lol
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all i can say is a guitar that can take varying humidities, weather and temperatures without adjusting slightly without a humidifier/dehumidifer to it is impossible to find.

but for compact travel guitars, baby taylor seems good but you can get better guitars for the price, just not as small.
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