well i just got my v50 yesterday. been jamming a little with my brother on drums. and when i crank the volume it sounds almost distorted. i know tubes go into overdrive but i would like it to sound more clean. any way to make it sound clean other then turning it down?
Jeez how loud does your brother play? Usually 50 watt amps have plenty of headroom to stay clean with a drummer. Make sure you're setting it on the normal channel and not the drive channel (sounds obvious but people do it all the time). Does the amp have a master volume? If it does then turn up the master volume and turn down the regular volume to get a cleaner signal. Or you could try going to the drive channel, turning down the preamp, and turning up the master if the clean channel doesn't have a master volume.
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theres no master vol. i have to have the volume at about 6 to keep it a good clean sound. really i thought this amp would be alot louder then it is. kind of disapointed at this point in the sound level perspective. also, it might just be me but it sounds better quiet at bedroom levels then it does jamming im not sure why lol.

anyways yeah at the volume at about 6 i mean i can hear it fine, but its like just under the sound level of the drums, which i dont like to much. at about 7 its like half over drive and half clean which isnt exactly what i like to hear.

gr. irritating lol.
I would suspect that you probably have a bad power tube, that would make since, what you are discribing sounds like your useing an 18-20 watt amp and at that wattage its hard to get real clean cleans when playing with a drumer, unless you have it on a half stack, or somthing crazy. If its a bad tube, then that would cut your amp wattage by more than half, since its only has two power tubes, I would suspect that would take the wattage down to 10-15 region. Try a new pair of 6l6gc and see if that helps, BTW, JJ tubes are hard to beat for the money, Also, if its a new amp tubes are ussually garented for 3-6 months, good luck.
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How much gain are you using? But that does indeed sound like a bad power tube since it should be louder before it starts to overdrive.
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Yeah, I mean, my YCV40 has enough headroom for gig-level cleans, but if I pick too hard (which I often do, as I have a heavy handed style) it can have a little bit of break up. Sometimes, that's what I'm going for, so that's okay. But otherwise, I angle my pick a little differently and pick/strum slight softer.
so its now breaking up at volume level 2. bad tubes? i bought it at zzounds so i dont want to have to pay shipping back.

is it hard to replace them or what?
Yeah somthin must be wrong becuase I have the 30 watt version and I dont have to turn up the clean channel very far to get a volume that can compete with drums.
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You should call where ever you got it from, and tell them. I just realize your amp was essentially new.

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i dont want to ship it anywhere its my only amp basically. if its not that hard ill probably just end up doing it myself.
Remember, it does have a 5 year warranty. Just take it to any Crate dealer and they should look at it for free.
"Good and evil lay side by side as electric love penetrates the sky"