Well with all of my covers I thought it was about time I posted an original. I just finished writing this song the other day for my band and thought it might be fun to do an acoustic version. Let me know what you think about the song it's called Fall in my profile. An of course crit for crit just leave me the link to your song.....

hey, liked the song Fall, though you would do well to speed up the tempo just a bit, not unnaturally so. I listened to the chords and played them faster, and I think that it would add a little energy to the song. ALso, Sing louder.

FOr being a back up vocalist you aren't half bad man.

I liked the recording with the band in it as well. The song wasn't very complex but it sounded like you guys are fairly tight. Keep up the jams man.

BTW, crit mine.



I like it, don't think there's anything wrong with the tempo but I do agree about singing a little louder.
I really like this song. I wouldn't say sing louder, just more forcefully if that makes sense and with more feeling/emotion. I also think the lyrics are great and they're really brought out because it's obviously a pretty simple chord progression. I love the fact that it's like that, though. I really like the raw, folky/punk sound. I also like that breakdown/bridge part that starts at about 2:30. Great job! Keep it up! Sing from the heart! - Metaphorically and physically.

And thanks for critting mine! I'm glad you liked it!
returning the crit. I like your voice man, I do! It sounds pretty good but I got a little bored by the repeating of the chords of the first half. I like the breakdown. Sounds tight. Lyrics are cool but some of the phrases sound cliche. Good otherwise!