I am 22 years old, and have lived in the UK for a bit over a year (moved here from Norway). I've been working and studying guitar/music theory, and now I want to do it full time.
I have absolutely no clue what my options are though.

I'm open to anything, note though that I can't afford expensive schools, and it needs to be in London or close enough that I can travel there.

Theres the london music institute, but you may need some A levels or gsce crap to get in there, I don't really know alot lol. Then there are some courses you can take up. Just go to one of those office place things xD
^ Well, only you know your budget, and I can only tell you that tuition for a Professional Diploma course at BIMM is around £4,800 for a born UK citizen.
Alright.. But aren't there other options besides the music schools? Majoring in music or however it works.