Hey all,

Just bought some fretboard polish, but i'm not quite sure what to do. I've heard removing all the strings at once is bad for a guitar (I have a Gibson SG), but how am I supposed to polish the fretboard with the strings on there? These strings need to be replaced anyway, which is why i'm polishing it now, but.. any advice on this is appreciated.

EDIT: I mean, I know HOW to polish it, with the rag and whatnot, but in terms of if I need to take all of the strings off, or if that'll hurt the neck, etc..
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if you know how to setup your guitar, including a truss rod adjustment, if needed then feel free to take off all the strings at once.

if you couldnt be bothered with all that, then take off a string, clean. take off a string, clean.

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Sweet, thanks. I'd rather not risk the messing up of my new guitar, so I suppose i'll remove 2 at a time or something and try that... bleh.
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