Am I the only one who makes silly faces when I play guitar?? I typed this into searchbar and didnt find this topic. Has anyone seen John Mayer play guitar? He makes a face like he's being tasered or something!

Are there any others who suffer from guitar face? I cant stop biting my lip and pouting when I play! Share your stories please
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i got a guitar face...its the same as my orgasm face
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i have been told i have but i have never noticed ...
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I was doing a solo at a school gig once and did some. I didn't even realise until my friends told me afterwards.
Gary Moore anyone?
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This is my guitar face:
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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Its lame.
Depends on what i'm playing.

Acoustic = No weird face, maybe close my eyes.

Electric = Bite my lip like TS, or stick my toung out.
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I get kinda into solos sometimes but I don't think I have much of a facial expression when playing, infact when i've seen videos of me playing I look quite bored, which isn't good.
Tons of people do.

Angus Young's is good.
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grit teeth occasionaly, i smile alot because i enjoy it so much, other times ive had faces words can describe because its a nice heavy bit
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Nah man its just you.

In years to come, many will look back at this particular photo and say...

I move to the sound the guitar is making sometimes. like ba ba baba dada boo da ba babab do do dadadada

and when im doing really fast unbreaking strumming like in pinball wizard, i lock my jaw apparently
Yeah only when I'm concentrating really hard. I think I jut my lower jaw forward.
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yeah, i think everybody has sum kind of thing that they may do, but its not alwyas with their face, (winkwink) (nudgenudge)
yeah, but i wouldn't call it suffering its good.....just my lower jaw, stick the tongue out a ways, and apparently don't move at all.
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I move to the sound the guitar is making sometimes. like ba ba baba dada boo da ba babab do do dadadada

and when im doing really fast unbreaking strumming like in pinball wizard, i lock my jaw apparently

I like your description of the sound your guitar makes! lol
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JM doesn't make faces any more :P

When my playing is at its best, my face is blank, my jaw is slack, and my tongue hangs out..

Whiiiich is why I want to be a session guitarist 8P
there is proof that your blues face is like 8 muscle movements away from your orgasm face...
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This is deep
Was the pun intended?
Actually no

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I squint and get a kinda pissed off look on my face... then again thats only if I'm playing rhythm during a metal song.

Solo's I get this intense look in my eyes and my mouth does this wierd thing... looks like a fish gasping for air without the gasping.

And of course the lethargic acoustic face is a favorite.

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I have this really cold look on my face, ask my guitarist he's also a member on this site.
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BB King, John Frusciante, Steve Vai, and Angus Young all have hardcore guitar face.

Coincidentally, they're all killer guitarists, so guitar face is probably a good thing.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

i do.i dunno what i do, i just make faces ive been told many times.
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i saw myself in a mirror while playing last week, and i noticed i have a completely blank face. Like i just muredered a baby in cold blood, or something. Ice cold baby! Even when i do the s00p3r b3nd5, i just blankely stare in my guitar or in the spot on the wall thats behind the microphone. It kinda sux, desnt really show that im having a good time...
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