Hey I plan to post a lot of videos of my playing songs on my guitar in the future but the one problem is I dont have a video camera =(

Can anybody post what is a really good camera or a camera that you use? if its a camera that you use can you link me some videos you made with the camera.

I want a video camera that has really good picture and it can record sound very good because I need it to sound just like if you could hear it in person.
i just use a digital camera that takes video.
great quality- sony cybershot 8.1
If you want high quality Audio, just run a guitar cab mic into the camera or computer.
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I use my Canon S3 (it's a photographs camera). Works great for me.
These are some of my videos:

However, I record the video and audio separated, and then merge them with the PC.
Here you have some that were recorded with the camera's microphone:

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can you guys link me the website of the camera's you use?

I have no idea what model it is man, sorry. But really just buy a cheapy camera or webcam, what's with the whole gotta sound perfect mentality :p
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If you want high quality Audio, just run a guitar cab mic into the camera or computer.

What do I need to do that and how do I do it
When I use my powershot SD its hard to have the song playing in the background be as loud as my amp.
I use a Kodak digital thing

The image quality is excellent, but, the sound quality is, how can i put this lightly...


I just bassically have a mike recording audio while the camera records video, then i sync them up with a video editor