hey. im once again stuck, but this time on which effect pedal to get.i want a kid of monkey wrench sound since the amp im gettting does classic stuff very well. ive heard dave grohl uses a Proco Rat but im not sure. which pedal do i need to get this kind of sound?
I'm not sure about what you should buy but i wouldn't buy a distortion pedal for foo fighters kind of sound as i've seen some barre chords and open chords invovled. Your best bet would be an overdrive pedal or something.
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ok. this might sond abit of a dumbass question but id ont know much about pedals. so wots the difference with distortion and overdrive pedals?
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ok. this might sond abit of a dumbass question but id ont know much about pedals. so wots the difference with distortion and overdrive pedals?

Difference beetween distorsion and overdrive is pretty subtle...

Overdrive is mainly a natural sound distorsion when the gain has reached a certain limit in a tube amp... (effect you can although simulate digitally when you don't have any tube amp though). It's a more bluesy, soft sound when used moderate and gives a hot 70's sound when pushed harder.
That said, using an overdrive pedal over the overdrive channel of an amp can give you lots of gain and approching the performances of distorsion channel in terms of thickness and fatness to play metal for instance but with more definition and clarity IMO.

Distorsion is modifying the sound directly IN the pedal and gives instantly heavy, thick sound obviously needed in metal genres such as death, thrash, nu, etc...
But be aware that distorsion pedals often give chaotic, undefined sounds that can seem repulsive to a lot of musicians (especially UGers lol...). Only high-end DS pedals are generally "worth" it (Keeley, Fulltone, Blackstar, MI Audio, Damage Control etc...), although the Metal Muff is good for it's price range.

My advice is to get a good tube amp with a fair amount of gain and push it with a standard OD pedal such as Ibanez TS9 or Digitch Bad Monkey to get a metal tone if you want to. IMO it's much more versatile than DS pedals because you can use them as clean boosts also (turning the drive knob near 0) to play blues or jazz.

Though, if you're very metal-oriented, you can buy a DS pedal but be prepared to spend your cash for quality. Or try Metal Muff or ProCo Rat for a budget, decent pedal.

Hopes that helps ! The choice is all yours now.
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And if you stick with the distortion look at a Digitech Bad Monkey or Metal Muff and for Overdrive maybe a Ibanez Tube Screamer.

The Digitech Bad Monkey is an overdrive pedal. For its price it's a great deal.
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the new soundblox multiwave distortion sounded pretty sweet, from the review I read in GP. Chords are supposed to sound better cause it splits up the frequencies and distorts them separately or something like that. Of course, it's a bit pricey, but what can you do :/

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