I'm mostly talking about rock and metal-oriented songs being played on instruments such pianos and woodwinds and brass and things like that, or vice-versa and classical

Personally I'd like to hear Steve Vai's For the Love of God played by a full orchestra, without the guitar and drums and electric bass. His performance with the Holland Metropole Orchestra was amazing, but I think my favourite part was the oboe and flute intro.

Samething with Octavarium by DT, except if they could just build on that part one part after the Continuum intro and in the climax near the end and extend that. It would sound awesome.

So Pit, what songs would you want to hear on instruments other than guitar and bass and drums?
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ever heard of apocalyptica (sp?)
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ever heard of apocalyptica (sp?)

lol, beat me to it
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lol, beat me to it

and me, i advise checking it out to anyone
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My friend says Crazy Train on saxophone is awesome.
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Jump by Van Halen on keyboards. That would be crazy!

But seriously, most things would sound great on synths and all. Michael Jackson should cover Black Diamond by KISS! That would be the best thing ever.
There was an awesome advert for BBC4 where it had Purple Haze played on violin, it was awesome. All the purple haze (violin) videos on youtube sound well bad tho.
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Apocalyptica's stuff is all done on 4 cellos. They've done covers of thrash songs (A lot of Metallica, some Slayer), Smells Like Teen Spirit, Toxicity, Stairway to Heaven, and Paint it Black, among others.
I know that on Tantric's latest album, they had a violinist.

Anyways, most of AIC's stuff would sound pretty cool on other instruments.
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Call Of Ktulu is awesome on piano too. Lots of Cliff lines have a classical feel to them.
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There's a load of songs done well by Ed Alleyne Johnson on the electric violin (he busks in my city). He even has a loopstation and a metal zone pedal :p

And there's a guy on youtube that plays Tool songs on piano.

I find his music amazing.

Pretty much any song played on a church organ would interest me.
Oh, I meant to give "Call of Ktulu" a shot on the piano, but I never got around to it. Now I might...

Also, I have a fantastic piano arrangement of "Ghost Love Score" by Nightwish.
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Going to see em on sunday, can not wait.

Btw.... if u didnt realise, i meant that they cover rock songs, mainly on banjo, im not just going around postin this comment.
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I play Sweet Child O Mine on a violin (not electric) sometimes to make money on the streets. I don't sound that great, but people recognize it and tip me for it.
Check out "The piano tribute to Iron Maiden". Awesome pianist + awesome songs = win
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ever heard of The String Quartet? they ONLY cover entire albums by mainly rock bands, such as taking back sunday or even underoath. check em out!

I love The String Quartet. They make songs I normally can't stand bearable to listen to.
Ah, I remembered watching this a while ago.
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