wat should i do on my amp to get a good metallica sound , mostly a sound close to the one for ...And Justice For All. i use a Fender G-Dec, or at least hint me to a site that can help, cause i cant find one , Thanks
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mids at 2 bass at 7 treble at 8, distortion cranked.
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dont scoop mids if you can help it.

I find high mids does well for metallica
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^ Nuh uh.

dont scoop mids if you can help it.

I find high mids does well for metallica


you want to have a decent overdrive on the amp AND a tubescreamer if you can.
i dont think youd be able to do it with that amp, try the amp settings thread, try some of those, if they dont work...
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Even though Metallica helped pioneer the 'scooped' guitar sound?

slash4114 pretty much hit the nail on the head, but to be honest with you, you probably won't get anything near a Metallica sound from your amp as it isn't really built to produce high gain sounds. I might be wrong.


The GDEC is a modelling amp so pedals, like a tubescreamer, prolly are not going to sound all that good. Try the 'Screamin' preset and turn the delay setting down. It will be hard to pull off metallica on this amp. We don't need anymore flame either the GDEC is not a bad practice amp. If you really want to do metallica and are willing to buy pedals you may want to look for a different amp that is more suited for what you want. Possibly a used amp.

good luck