I've got a couple of sessions that i have to teach kids in. its at my local sports centre and its all going towards my CSLA (Community Sports Leader Award). i basically just have to keep them entertained.

I have 2 hours with them tomorrow, then another 2 hour session and a 1 hour session on another day.

they are there to havefun basically so i just need some like games that take up loads of time. games like bench ball, dodgeball, cops and robbers, kwik cricket. games like that that keep the kids running around and entertained.

the kids are aged between 8 and 14 or something like that. and they are mixed groups.

so any suggestions to fill this time will be greatly appreciated.



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In my team sports class in sophomore year we did nothing but play ultimate with a small ball, drago, and lions and gazelles
8-14, limited concentration span, my only suggestion is football
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Man, I used to love dodgeball.

haven't played it in years though.
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