alright so i was an idiot and stripped the area where you have to put in the screw to lock it(i have a floyd rose with the locking nut). i need to buy a new nut now and i was looking at schaller but i don't know which to buy. i know i need a nut with 1-11/16" but on warmoth(where i am going to purchase the nut) there are two different options. one that is narrow and one that is wide. which one am i supposed to get?

thanx in advance
also i forgot to ask what was the difference between them. also i dont know if this matters but i have a licensed floyd rose. specifically a frt O2000
Wide, unless the neck is bound gibson style, in which case it should be narrow.
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to invader jim: the thing has never held tune well anyway so i think a change is needed and now i have an excuse to buy a new quality nut(no pun intended). it would always sharp the note for some reason

to blackened: i don't think its bound gibson style(i really have no idea what that means).

also i have a question about installing it: do i just unscrew the old one and pop in the new one on and screw it in or is there more to it than meets the eye