Now before you say it let me say it for you, i know a hundred dollars isnt going to get me a wonderfully amazing amp but, I am set on a line 6 III spider 15 watt, the reviews I have seen of it sound wonderful. But if there is a better amp tell me cause i would love to know also I will go a little higher than a hundred dollars.
Probably Epiphone Valve Junior or Roland Cube 15.
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samick BA15

uhh.................................... no
why do you always have something weird to say everytime i see you??

and that's a bass amp too
how about save up some more and get Vox Valvetronix AD15VT
reasonable price, pretty good sound
better than the cube IMO
And used Microcube or save another 25$ and buy a brand new one.
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get $25 more and get a microcube.
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Probably Epiphone Valve Junior or Roland Cube 15.

Isn't VJ like $150 new? So yeah you could get one used for about $100 then.

But it doesn't have has many features as the Cube (it only has volume, if I recall correctly), so if you are just starting and want to experiment, maybe the Cube will suit you better
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Do you have an amp? If you do you should save up about 100$ and buy superchamp XD or a vox valvetronix.
Edit: What style of music do you play?
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Crate 15R 1x12 15 Watts 2 Channels Good for metal and cleans.
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Don't get a spider3, get a cube 15 or save up and get something better like the crate v18.
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